My website have create.

Hello, this is my old post you have ever seen. My blog is created on 7/5/13. Thanks for WordPress. My really first website was created with Notepad. Pretty hard with notepad. It was in July.


Hello, it’s me

It’s been a years since I had put my hands on this website. Poopootower is an old website of mine that I discreetly was dedicating.

I should clean this site for sure to stay look professional. I am not a professional now but I don’t want my website to have a bad content. I want to stay the name of Poopootower regardless of how hilarious the name is because it’s my idea.

Poopootower will become the greatest tower!! >:D


I didn’t use my website much…. Well it’s time to post something awesome for this. I made so many animations that I did not show them here. So, here they are.

yup…. I made sooooo muuuchh animations…. Sorry that I use this website very very very late. 😛 I use my Tumblr more so the activeness of this website is super low. I must use this more often. sigh.

3rd quarter is COMPLETE!

I have been study longer than I expected. I thought I’m a starter of Grade 5 but now, I’m truly Grade 5! The time is quite faster than before. It was like, I study more and lying down on the bed. Now, it’s finally finish! I can play computer more time! Good afternoon (It’s 4:13 pm in Philippines) and Happy late new year!

Charge is fast and Battery life is slow.

Is that impossible? I want a gadget that charges fast and battery life is slow to empty. It’s good idea for emergency, long trip, playing chargeable toys, playing games, and more! Laptops is better. For cellphone with high pixels in front and back cameras and auto-focus, it’s good for reporting, photographing, etc. For everything! So, if someone invented that, the commercial will show up and my dream comes true! And, good-night and happy new year!